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Best Natural Gas Grills Under $500 - The 3 Top Rated, Affordable Picks

Best Natural Gas Grills Under $500

Gas grills are not only extremely useful, but they are also a great source of entertainment. While propane grills are still by far the most popular, natural gas has had a slowly rising presence in the last few years. Most gas grills will now even offer natural gas as an alternative option to propane. Natural […]

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Best Propane Grill Under 500 Dollars: My 3 top-rated picks for 2018

Whether you’re struggling to find a good public spot for a family picnic that allows old-fashioned wood grilling or simply feel the need to contribute to our environment by not letting toxic smoke into the air, making the switch to liquid propane grills is always an excellent idea! Never burden yourself with a list of […]

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