Seiko SKX009 Review: Should this be your next diver’s watch?

The Seiko SKX 009 is the ultimate diving watch for in or out of the water. The manufacturer has been a leader in amateur diving watches because of its reputation for durable watches.

close up shot of the seiko pepsi automatic divers watch face and bezel as well as band width

In this Seiko SKX009 review, I’ll explore the pros and cons of the famous “Pepsi watch” so you can decide if it’s time for you to take the plunge.

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What makes the Seiko Pepsi watch so special?

This well-known red and blue Seiko watch is compact but visible, with its face measuring 42 millimeters in diameter and 13 millimeters thick with a stainless steel case to protect it.

The 22mm rubber strap is tough and comfortable in and out of the water. The hands and numerals are luminous thanks to Seiko Lumibrite, and the face also shows the day of the week as well as the date.

seiko skx009 review - close up of case diameter and case thickness under water view

Unlike the SKX007, the SKX009 has a dark navy dial making it a bit more colorful and fun than the original black. The unidirectional bezel, which allows you to read the time spent beneath the water, is red and blue sometimes touted as the “Pepsi” bezel.

The fun colors almost make this watch seem less formal. I imagine I’d be more comfortable taking it white water rafting or on a backpacking trip because of its low-key look.

Can I afford a watch like this?

The Seiko SKX 009 is an affordable starter watch for those new to diving, and those experienced divers who don’t want to fork out $500+ for a quality divers watch. Unlike some of the more expensive models, this product gives the user all of the durability and sleekness of more expensive watches without the incredible price tag.

For hundreds of dollars less than its competitors, this model gives the user all the features he could ask for when looking for a watch to take on his adventures, underwater or not. It’s also a perfect choice to try out the Seiko brand without dumping your money into an expensive higher-end model.

Will it last?

The Seiko SKX 009 is rated up to 200 meters below the water’s surface, illustrating its durability. It meets the Diver’s watches international standard or ISO 6425, so it’s able to withstand the amount of pressure of a typical scuba dive. This timepiece can withstand bumps and falls, all while keeping perfect time.

You don’t need to take time out of your day every few days to wind it because it utilizes Seiko’s non-handwinding technology. This means that the watch “winds itself” as you move your arm.

You’re literally winding your watch with every underwater stroke of your arm! However, if you’re not going to wear this watch every day, try to take it on a walk around the house before you leave; that way it will “wind itself” and keep its flawless timekeeping.

It’s dark down here!

picture of the luminous dial in the darkThe luminescence of the Pepsi Diver is its crowning achievement. Seiko’s Lumibrite is not too bright, and not too dark; this watch doesn’t give off an unnaturally bright visual, but is bright enough for the user to see clearly both underwater and at night under the cover of darkness.

Lumibrite uses natural light that the watch is exposed to in order to create the glow you see.

For example, if you’re in direct light for about 15 to 20 minutes, the Lumibrite allows the hands and numerals of the watch to stay lit for three to five hours without noxious chemicals or harming the user or environment.

So many different model numbers, which is right for you?

SKX009 vs SKX009K1 vs SKX009J vs SKX009J2

I wouldn’t blame anyone for feeling a bit confused with the all the different product codes for this watch. Luckily it isn’t nearly as complicated as the manufacturer makes it look like.

The extra characters at the end of the product code, merely indicates the model in the SKX009 range. The SKX009J and SKX009J2 refer to the models that are made in Japan.

The J and K models are manufactured with minor differences. The two models are built for different markets, and thus the different model numbers. Visually the J model states ‘Made in Japan’, and also has the words ’21 Jewels’ on the face, which the K model does not.

The K model is targeted at North America/Europe and has a slightly larger band size, and comes with Spanish as the second language. European models do vary in second language (German, Italian, French, etc). The J model is targeted at the Asian market, and come with the slightly smaller band, and more appropriate second language (ranging from Japanese, Arabic, etc.).

What are the band width and band design options on the Seiko Pepsi Diver?

This Seiko watch comes with a number of band options from the manufacturer, as well as dozens and dozens of third party band options.

The manufacturer provides the following band options:

There is a ton of after market bands available for this watch. Some of the most popular options are:

Anything not to like about the SKX 009?

If I had to find a fault with the famous Pepsi watch, and this borders on nit-picking, it would be that standard bracelet. It just feels like it is of a lesser quality than the rest of the watch.

For most users, the bracelet will be perfectly fine, but for those who are more discerning, I recommend the Oyster bracelet for the SKX009 for a more premium feel.


Although this watch is sleek and modern, there is one drawback reported by a couple reviewers. In their Seiko SKX009 review, a couple of users reported misaligned numerals. I have not experienced this myself, and I suspect this it not a common occurrence.

One user reported being able to commission a realignment of the face at his local watch shop. The other user managed to fix it himself as he had experience tinkering with watches in his collection.

The verdict: This is a solid buy!

Where can I get the Seiko SKX009 for sale?

The Seiko SKX 009 can be found in department stores or online retailers. I recommend Amazon because of the site’s warranty and customer service. If you aren’t 100 percent satisfied with your product Amazon will replace or refund your purchase. It’s always worth it to purchase online with the knowledge you’ll find the exact product you want in a convenient place.

When it comes to durability, affordability, and a modern look, the Seiko SKX will give every diver the confidence he needs to take the plunge. It’s the perfect entry point for a new diver. With its high performance and low cost, every diver should start with this watch.

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Let me know if you enjoyed my Seiko SKX009 review. If you bought the watch, or have owned it, I would love to know what you think of it.