Best Electric Guitars Under 500 – Our Top 3 for 2018 Revealed

Top Electric Guitars Under 500 - Our Top 3 for July 2018 RevealedUnless you are a professional musician, having to spend thousands of dollars on an electric guitar just isn’t always worth it. In truth, the price tag on a guitar doesn’t necessarily mean that it will sound better, and it definitely won’t make you play better.

Luckily, for the beginner guitarist and those who are on a rather tight budget, the electric guitar market has recently seen rising standards and innovations in the production of its guitars.

This has resulted in the production of stunning models for those who are looking for good sound, quality, and value at a reasonable price.

They may not always be as perfect and pretty as the more expensive models, but the best electric guitars under 500 dollars are still solid instruments that any good guitar player can make great.


Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD

Best Les Paul Guitar under $500
Epiphone Les Paul STANDARD, Pelham Blue

The Epiphone Les Paul Standard is my pick as the best electric guitar in this price range, because it has a good tone, solid electronics and is super-fun to play. If you don’t want to spend a fortune on a brand such as Gibson or Fender, then this will be a good buy for you.

The Les Paul Standard features a combination of mahogany and maple on its body and a rosewood fingerboard. These strong woods provide a balanced, fair tone throughout.

Not only does this guitar look great, but the feel and tone of the Les Paul Standard are just as amazing. This electric guitar will feel wonderful in your hands. The 60s Slim-Taper neck sits very well and will give you complete access to everything.

This guitar has standard chrome hardware and its Grover tuners will keep everything perfectly in tune. The electronics are quite good and you will have no problem with plugging straight into any amp and having it sound amazing.

This inexpensive electric guitar does carry some weight, but it is not as heavy as a Gibson, for example. The Les Paul Standard may not have coil-tappings, but for its price range, it offers ridiculous value, and you will really be able to get a lot out of it.

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A really, really good guitar for metal

ESP LTD EC-256, BlackThe ESP LTD EC-256 is a solid, comfortable, high-quality guitar that sounds, plays and feels great. Thanks to the dark–sounding mahogany body and neck and a flame maple top, the ESP axe delivers a classic look with rich resonance.

The mahogany will push the low and middle frequencies of your notes and chords. This gives you a dark and heavy output with a very good amount of sustain.

The coil split on the tone control extends the guitar’s personality. This adds versatility while at the same time maintaining the guitar’s own character.

The LTD EC-256 also features a rosewood fingerboard with 22 frets, nickel hardware and ESP LH-150 bridge and neck humbuckers.

This electric guitar is an extremely versatile electric guitar that has very good balance and excellent ranging. Even though the ESP LTD EC-256 stands out as a metal or rock instrument, it produces a dynamic and powerful sound that will also fit other genres and styles.

An excellent choice for intermediate and excellent guitar players.

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Schecter 401 Stealth C-1 SBK

Another great electric guitarSchecter 403 Stealth C-1 SRED

The Schecter 401 Stealth C-1 is a well-made mid-priced electric guitar that produces killer sound for under $500. The thinner mahogany body of the Stealth is very pleasing to the eye and makes the guitar extremely light.

The rather flat rosewood fingerboard has 24 large frets that allow for a very light touch. Completing the look of this guitar are the black hardware and the choice between 4 different satin finishes.

The hardware and pickups are Schecter branded. The SuperRock II hand-wound pickups give the Stealth a unique, clear and articulate sound. The coil-split switch allows the electric guitar to have a great tonal diversity.

They range from a dynamic single coil to the much hotter, vintage sounding humbuckers.  At this budget price point, the Schecter Stealth has an amazing amount of fantastic features and will be a definite worthwhile buy.

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Buying a Top Electric Guitar Below $500

You don’t always have to spend thousands of dollars on a guitar for it to sound great. The best electric guitars under 500 dollars are still amazing quality instruments. There are a number of other manufacturers (think of Ibanez, Yamaha, Squier) that produce cheap and affordable guitars in the below 500 dollars price range, but I wanted to keep my list to just the top 3 picks. Maybe in future I will expand this list to my top 10 picks.

Whether you are a beginner on the electric guitar, an intermediate player or a professional musician that is on a budget, either one of these mid-range guitars will be a great investment for you.

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